Blickachsen XII – solo exhibition at Eberbach Cloister

Hanneke Beaumont has been given the honour to expose in the prestigious gardens of the Eberbach Cloister, a Cistercian monument that goes back to the XIIth century. This exhibition is part of important Blickachsen Biennial, an art exhibition that brings Contemporary Sculpture in Bad Homburg and Frankfurt Rhine-Main. This year, it is organised in collaboration with Wanås Konst sculpture park (Sweden)
In an interplay of art, nature and the public space, the artworks are on show in Bad Homburg’s historical Kurpark and landgraviate castle gardens, and at further venues in the Rhine-Main region. This expansion of Blickachsen beyond the boundaries of Bad Homburg offers visitors to the Sculpture Biennale the opportunity to discover not only the broad spectrum of contemporary works on display, but also the Rhine-Main region with its fantastic landscapes and cultural landmarks, ranging from beautiful old towns and ancient castles to a variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Blickachsen 11, some 80 large-scale sculptures and installations were shown in altogether eight locations in the region.